Class yesterday was good, and the meeting was also good. There was a point at which I had that feeling as though my brain couldn’t keep up. I like that feeling, don’t you? It took place while trying to sort out the best of all possible site architecture for the Rabbi’s website, which involved a few little engineering issues, as well as questions like Suppose you were googling for some clarification of for example the weird story of Tamar and Judah and you encountered an MP3 lecture on the subject, what navigation path would cause you to become a regular visitor?

“Can you even envision this?” I asked The Computer Guy. He showed me a Hindu religious site. It was very pink and ornate. I quite liked it. I don’t think I actually go to any religious sites at all, except for online Bibles and hymnals. Worship helps, I guess (that is, suggestions for what hymns to use on a given Sunday when you use the lectionary). But not sites for religious study. The only Christian site that comes to mind is, and I don’t think I have that URL right. But I did find quite a cool website discussing appropriate colors for websites for various religions.

The plan had been that after the meeting, I would go to the bank and get some cash and go buy shoes, which I need to do. Hard to believe, huh? I mean, I just bought shoes, like, a year and a half ago. And now I have to do it again. But the bank was closed, and going home to collect some other form of payment would have made the errand too long, so I went to the bookstore to check out hunting magazines, because I’m also doing a big game hunter’s website, and not being very sure that I’ve caught the voice correctly. This is something else that makes me feel as though the think I’m trying to think about is too slippery.

Next was lunch with Janalisa. I arrived at the meeting place before she did, and passed the time with a couple of ladies from the Master Chorale who happened to be there. Janalisa and I talked about families, health, business, and church, so my brain was back to normal by the time I got home. The client for the Rabbi’s website was available to discuss web architecture, I got a preliminary draft of the hunter’s website written, and while I didn’t finish anything, I did feel as though I had accomplished something by the time La Bella came to pick me up for Master Chorale.

The fugues, I am startled to report, didn’t make me feel as though my brain was unable to keep up. In fact, the terrible experience of playing bells for a year or two has really made a difference in my ability to read music. I am practically literate. The people I sing with have been telling me this, but I haven’t really felt it. So that was kind of exciting.

Master Chorale also involved girlish fun with getting a birthday cake for the director and walking around in laughing groups. I have intended, ever since I was about 30, to become one day one of those older ladies who go around in groups like teenage girls, laughing and having fun. They always seemed, when I was struggling with time and money and work and relationship issues, to have transcended all those things and emerged into a really good place in their lives.

Today I have lots of computer work, and a virtual meeting, and Janalisa is coming over to drag me away from the computer for a walk, and then I have Tuesday class, which can involve girlish fun and/or mental slipperiness, you never know.