It’s Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, the day to eat up all the eggs and butter and pate de fois gras in the house before Lent begins tomorrow.

Around here, you can do both Mardi Gras and Shrove Tuesday. You can go to a pancake supper at church, with pancake races and a message on keeping a good Lent, and then mosey on down to the square for unbridled revelry.

Rampaige has been celebrating since Saturday, and Scriveling has probably been at it since New Year’s.

I’m not really planning much in the way of Mardi Gras festivities. I have work, and a class, and a little family crisis that will make a great story once it is resolved.

Our motto is, if it’s going to be funny in the future, it can be funny now, but there is sometimes a little time lag there.

So at work I have been reading about SEO and stuff like that. I have been playing about with the store blog, trying to get it onto the first page of various likely google searches. I am only up to page two thus far, but I live in hope.

It is a relatively amusing way to spend the workday.

It is Entry and Foyer Week on the GP, so I cleaned out the coat closet. My Foyer comprises three square feet between the Front Porch and the Living Room. I therefore normally let Foyer Week be a continuation of Living Room week.

Deep-cleaning the living room is not usually a key element of a riotous Mardi Gras.

#1 daughter tells me that no one observes Mardi Gras up in the Frozen North. They are missing out on something good.

Unbridled revelry is the key. You know I am a mom, and probably not going to do any unbridled revelry. It will just be pancakes this morning. Maybe sausage. Some speeches to the troops on the foolishness of underage drinking.

The day might get more festive as I go along.