I read Roizen and Oz’s section on energy while suffering from whatever virus has me in its toils. This probably made the chapter more meaningful to me than it otherwise would have been. I’m usually happy and energetic, unless I’m so sleep-deprived that I know why I’m not feeling happy and energetic.
That’s been common recently, though. The Wii Fit will ask me, in its chirpy way, whether I’m well rested and ready to give it my all and I’ll glare at it.
Roizen and Oz make the question of feelings energetic seem very mechanical. There are these glands, see, and if you do the stuff you should, they all work properly and all is well. Otherwise, they get bollixed up and you don’t feel energetic.
While they mention health issues that affect people’s functioning, and go into some depth on treatments, the authors mostly give us the same old advice on keeping high energy:

  • get 8 hours of sleep every night
  • exercise every day
  • avoid simple carbohydrates and saturated fats
  • eat whole grains, fresh produce, and high quality protein

There you have it. Just do those things and you too can have radiant energy.
Illnesses, they agree, are exhausting. Your body has to put all this energy into fighting off the infection or virus or whatever, and has none left over for the ol’ radiant energy. They say to do the things above, and also to wash your hands a lot. They also recommend using a neti pot, which is too disgusting to contemplate, not that drooping around for a week coughing up gunk isn’t also disgusting. But at least you don’t feel like you’re doing it on purpose.