I stayed up late last night, writing my About page.

Some of you have websites. You know what I mean. The About page is, as I explain to my clients, the place people go when they’re thinking about hiring you, buying from you, or for some other reason sending you money. It’s your chance to make your visitors like and trust you. That’s the place for your mission statement, I say, the picture of you and your family and dog. If it were possible for each visitor to see a picture of him or herself, that would probably be the ideal About page.

About pages don’t matter much for search, only about 10% of the visitors will go there, and while hardly anyone actually reads the whole thing, it is a page where it’s good to have a lot of text. People will skim it and feel reassured. So, as a general rule, About pages are pretty easy to write.

Not for my own website, though. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, after all. I’ve written the whole website in the first person so I don’t have the option of switching over to third person and speaking about myself as an observer.

Originally, I didn’t even have an About page. My main reason, apart from the obvious difficulty of writing a good About page for myself, was that I didn’t expect strangers to visit my website. I have highly competitive keywords and make very little effort at SEO for my own site, hardly anybody is looking for me by name (that’s what I’m #1 for), and I figured people would just go there because I’d given them my business card. They would therefore already trust me, and my website only needed to be reassuring about the idea of getting some computer services, which can be scary.

But in fact I get calls and emails from tech guys, who must have found me somewhere. I spend 20 minutes or so with them, till they say, “Well, you sound like a bright, accountable person” and hire me. So I figured I could save some (unbillable) time by adding an About page which carried the message, “I am a bright, accountable person.” Accordingly, I got The Computer Guy to make me another navigation button, and stayed up after rehearsal last night and wrote the thing.

You know where my website is, right? If you have the time, I’d love for you to go over there and read my About page and see what you think. Then come back and tell me. Feedback is so helpful. Thanks.

Now, when I decided to stay up late and do this, I wasn’t aware that my husband would be having to get up at 4:30 this morning for work. He doesn’t tell me these things. Since it means that I also have to get up at that ungodly hour, you’d think he’d mention it. Nope.

So I’m seriously sleep-deprived this morning. I have a lot of work to do today, praise be, but I might take a nap in between stints.

Last night I also got back to the Master Chorale. We had a whole bunch of new young singers. The website I wrote for them just went live last month. It has pictures of young singers. I’m not going to claim a causal connection, I’m just mentioning it.

“In choir conducting school,” said our director, “we learned to teach the fugue on the first day. Also on all subsequent days.” So we sang fugues. With fear and trembling. In German.

I think tea and waffles would be just the thing this morning.