porch week 002 I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather. I have been trying to reject this false claim from Satan —

I should explain. I now belong to a gym frequented primarily by weightlifters, but some years back I went to aerobics class at a more distinctly coed place, where we often had lively conversations in the changing room. One day, a lady was telling us about her interaction with a doctor at the hospital.

“He told me my little ol’ husband had had a heart attack, and I told him, ‘That is a LIE from SATAN, and I do not accept it!””

The story went on to say that her husband had further tests and there was no damage to his heart. Since that time, I have always taken that as my first line of defense against any hints of feeling puny: I just refuse to accept that lie from Satan.

It doesn’t always work. However, I already had a sort of irritating little upper respiratory thing last month and I porch week 001don’t feel that I deserve another, so I am rejecting it as hard as I can.

I stayed home from church and took it very easy on Sunday, and went to bed early last night, and am generally doing my best to stave off whatever virus is attacking me.

And this is why, even though it is Front Porch Week on the Grand Plan, I have not been out there scrubbing the railings and pruning the shrubs. People have, in the past, complained that having Front Porch Week in the first week of February is inconvenient, but we are expecting it to go up to 50 degrees this week, before snowing again next week, so I should be able to get it done. Not today, though.

I did take some pictures, figuring that I could do the planning.  My porch is so long and narrow that it hardly counts as a porch, but it is lovely to sit on in the spring and fall, so we made a nice long bench a couple of years back during Front Porch week, and we keep a citronella candle out there. I don’t believe I will do anything but clean it this year.

The one thing I would like to do is to build a smaller version of the bench for folks to put their feet up on. Last year’s attempt to build the chaise from pallets has discouraged me, but I may try to see if I can get the guys to rally round and help. Hitherto, we have just been putting our feet up on the porch rail, but you can see that this gives us rather an acute angle. You wouldn’t want to do it in a skirt.

porch week 003On clement evenings, though, it is very nice to sit out here with a glass of iced tea, chatting or reading or working the crossword.

And it now occurs to me that a hanging planter would be nice, too. I do usually put a pot of shade tolerant plants on the bench, but there is no point to planting anything at the moment.

The front garden is also not at its best just now.

It is hard even to plan a garden when it is under the snow. Is that where the hosta lives? you ask yourself. I know there’s some lamastria over by that azalea…rainsoaked garden

I know that this garden tends to look gorgeous in May and otherwise not as gorgeous, so I am thinking that I should ask the nursery folks what annuals I should plant to go with the spring-flowering perennials.

 It is so shady, though, that the answer is likely to be “impatiens.” So in May I have columbines, violets, pinks, phlox, and other stuff in rich profusion, and all the rest of the warm season I have impatiens and greens.

And then of course I have snow and prickly twigs.

It is nice to remember how it looks in May, though.May corner