In a burst of madness, I have joined a sew-a-long. No, it isn’t really mad. First, it doesn’t begin until February 15th, by which time the Knitting Olympics will be half over. Second, it doesn’t end until March 20th, which is plenty of time.

But most importantly, it will encourage me to do something I really need to do. As I have mentioned, I am attempting to move further toward the chic end of the continuum this year. One of the things necessary for this is that I should own more than six pieces of clothing at a time. Given a) my pleasure in making things vs. my dread of shopping and b) my budget, it makes sense for me to do some sewing. But my a) constitutional inaccuracy and b) lack of boldness with the sewing machine is against me. So this sew-along is for knitters to help one another get a skirt made. Marirob is the fearless leader. She says that, if the skirt is fun, there may be further pieces to follow.

There are 70 knitters from around the world signed up. What is up with that? Would you have thought that there were 70 knitters who would want to make skirts together? (Of course, who would have thought there were over 100 knitters who wanted to knit for Team Wales?)

I looked through my fabric. I find that if I wanted to make a skirt covered with space creatures I would be all set. I could also have a chartreuse fleece skirt. Neither of these would be likely to lead to my being well-dressed. I will therefore be checking out the clearance table at the local craft store this weekend.

Thus, I have Erin and the Knitting Olympics project, wardrobe enhancement sewing, the Prayer Shawl ministry, a quilt all put together and ready to be quilted, a few inches of lace shawl on hold since the fall, and the mystery novel contest. I should not be getting bored. Add 75 new boxes to unpack at work, the HP spring cleaning (this is Front Porch week), helping #2 daughter with senior recital chores and tour fundraising, Easter music, and of course daily life.

I have also done my taxes — sort of. Actually, I spent an hour doing them at the clever online site, and then my husband told me just to write down the total. Apparently, he wants to shop around and see if someone else can get a better total. After he has discovered that tax preparers will not do you an estimate for free, I will have to do it all over. Or maybe he is right and I am wrong, and the tax preparers will be glad to compete for the chance to do our 1040. Personally, I’d just like to get it done.

In other news, Mayflower has left xanga. I am sorry that she has. Frankly, I would like everyone I ever want to read to be on xanga. It is easy to find out whether they have updated, I already know how to comment with them and never have to peer at and copy silly characters to prove that I am not a robot, and I don’t have to remember where they are. But it would be unreasonable to expect this fact to overshadow the benefits of other blogging spots, whatever they may be. Sigh. I guess I should go visit her new blog now.