I’m reading the new Rozen and Oz book, You: Being Beautiful. I like these guys’ books. They’re not for the squeamish, because always full of intense detail on how your body works. So far in this book I’ve read about skin and hair. They give practical advice for taking care of your skin and hair, with huge magnifications of cross-sections showing glands and stuff. Also little cartoon characters. If your idea of a beauty book is based on Vogue articles, you won’t like this book. But if you want to know the dire consequences of pulling nose hairs (I know, I know… apparently it’s something guys do), then this book will tell you boldly.

Most of the things that have to do with taking care of skin and hair I knew before — exfoliate, use sunscreen, leave your hair alone — but I had no idea about ear hairs or people who compulsively pull their hair out.

Today I have a couple of fairly big writing projects, two phone meetings, and more grading of papers. I really need to do a GTD processing, too.