I’ve already done my review of Wii Fit at Amazon, but I’m still learning things about it.

For example, after a couple of weeks of doing the 24 minute routine it gave me, I added some on and found that it celebrates with you when you hit thirty minutes. I also found that the cartoon trainer has more of a life than I realized — yesterday the guy showed up, saying he hoped I didn’t mind if he stood in for my usual trainer. He was bossier than the girl, it seemed to me. I wonder what she was doing, that she had to get him to cover her shift.

I’ve also learned that it gossips. “I haven’t seen J for a while,” it’ll say. And last night it asked #2 son, “Have you heard?” and then proceeded to tell him that I wasn’t doing the full required 30 minutes every day.

On the other hand, it will congratulate you when you’ve lost .2 pounds since your last workout, which no one else is going to do.

#1 son got back to class yesterday. He says his classes all seem pretty abstract, which I suppose is a good thing.