Chanthaboune was writing about the xanga tags. I’m trying to make a cloud of words from mine, which is rather fun. But she is concerned that hers would make her look as though all she ever talks about is boys.

Fortunately, they are not automatically generated. You don’t have to put tags on every entry, and if you did, you could make them say whatever you wanted them to say. I find Chanthaboune’s stories about boys entertaining, but she could tag them “restaurant” and “party” and “running” if she felt like it.

But her concern made me think about what mine would be like if they were automatic. I think I would have a large “math” tag, for some reason. I seem to talk about math way more than is reasonable. And of course there would be an enormous “housework” over there, largely from complaining about being behind on my housework, or making excuses for why I haven’t done it, or bemoaning the fact that I have to do it. Since I have made my entries in the great Richard Dawkins read-alongs here, I would have sizable tags for evolution and for atheism. Hymns and madrigals and parties would have tags, and garden progress. There would be a lot for choir, the environment, economics, and technology. There would hardly be any point in having tags for books and knitting and music and family, because I write about those things so much that a person could look at an entry at random and find those topics. The gym would get a tag, and nutrition, and agoraphobia.

Actually, I might ought to make a tag for agoraphobia, so I can see how much I have progressed. I want to report that yesterday I drove around in the snow as though it were nothing. Which it was.

Chanthaboune, however, slipped on the ice and sprained her shoulder. You could send her some virtual fruit and flowers in sympathy.