Yesterday I did eight hours of billable work and two hours of unbillable — communications with current, former, and prospective clients, my own blog, negotiations with designers. I think that’s about how it is. This morning, having gotten up at 4:30 with my husband and done my spell with Wii Fit, I actually spent some time dealing with files before getting online. This is because my internet connection wasn’t working, frankly, but it needed to be done.

But last night I quit working and made dinner, hung out with my husband, and did the major seams of Salt Peanuts. I now have the sleeves to do. It’s a lovely fluffy pink thing, and I wish I could show you a picture, but my camera is still dead. I don’t know why I think that it’ll come back to life if I wait around. That seems to be what I’m doing, though.

My husband went back to work yesterday,which is good news. #1 son goes back to school on Monday and #2 son and I the following week. I need to get my internet classes set up between now and then, but I also want to do another set of lessons for the arts center this week. I also have among my new prospective clients an insurance company looking for a staff writer. Not as exciting as the arts center, of course, but ongoing.

So, yeah, life seems pretty normal. Tonight is Twelfth Night, so there ought to be some final revelry, and of course I need to remove and put away all decorations. When the kids were small, they’d help and we’d make a bit of a party out of it. This is the night to make a Galette des Rois, and drink up all the half-empty bottles of wine left around from previous festivities.

So, while songs for Epiphany tend to be about the Magi or the star of Bethlehem or something, I want to suggest for today the very weird old carol “Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day.” Hear Libera singing it, or sing along. This is your last chance for Christmas music till next Advent, so it’s also the right day to have one last warble of “Marshmallow World” or “Santa Baby.”