Let joy reign unconfined! I finished the rocks and minerals subunit, which had been on my to-do list longer than 1 was fully enjoyable. I have now completed 3 of the 7 planned books.

I’ve also completed a couple more bands on the front of Erin. She has escaped felting, at least for the present. That is always a possibility, though.

Watching the candidates has allowed me to make some good progress on my Epic knitting project, though rehearsals and class and so forth are starting up again, so it will probably slow down.

I’ve been following the career of Mike Huckabee with interest, so someone sent me a clip of his answer to a question on evolution in a previous debate. I don’t write much about politics here (I want to keep this a friendly place, after all) but I do write about evolution from time to time.

If you’ve been kind of engrossed in your knitting for the past century a while and don’t know about evolution or what it has to do with politics, check out Dexter’s post on the subject for some clarifying links.

I think the point of the sending was not so much about evolution as about Mr. Huckabee’s response, which included a bold statement about his belief in God (the sender probably was in favor of that) and also the sentence, “If anyone wants to believe that they are descended from a primate, they are welcome to do it.”

Well golly. I should hope so. Humans are primates.

#1 daughter and a friend have been debating the question: is Mike Huckabee as stupid as George Bush?

Well, no. Of course not. Actually, I saw him on The Colbert Report last night, and he was playful and witty. It takes a sharp brain even to keep your temper on that program, it seems to me, let alone actually keep up. He can’t be stupid. But is he as ignorant?

Perhaps.  Not knowing that humans are primates is right up there with not being clear on the fact that the Earth is in the solar system, isn’t it? I’m not sure. It may be that the solar system is grade 3, while the classification of the animal kingdom is more a middle school thing. Or at least fifth grade.

I’m horrified that we’re having to compare these two things in the context of a presidential election. Remember how much scorn was heaped on Quayle for misspelling “potato”?

Our standards have really lowered, haven’t they?

I also heard this clever, though unkind, statement about Clinton: “All notes; no music.”

I had to come back, because I went to Google to check the quote, and was startled to see that in all the excoriation of Huckabee on this statement, no one is pointing out that humans are primates. Didn’t that bother anyone but me?