Our neighbor set a big Sony TV out on the curb.

Around here, the trash collectors will not pick up large things. If you have anything that won’t fit into your trash bin, then it is customary to set it out on the curb right after the trash men have been by. This gives you a week during which someone might come and pick the thing up. Then, if they don’t, the trash men will leave you a stern note with the number to call to arrange pick up of your TV or whatever, at an extra charge to you.

So I said we should rescue the neighbor’s TV. I would never for an instant consider buying a big Sony TV. However, I was aware that my husband would LOVE to have a truly big TV, and that my boys sincerely believe that Sony would be better than whatever it is that we have already.

My husband wanted to ask the neighbors first. I guess he was imagining that they might have the habit of airing out their TV for the New Year, or perhaps be showing off their new electronica before installing it.

My sons said it would be too embarrassing to pick something up from the curb. I pointed to the computer table and the mini-trampoline, both of which I cheerfully took from the curb and which they just as cheerfully use.

However, I am not the one who watches TV around here, and I am certainly not the one who would like a really big TV, and I saw no reason to fetch it if the guys weren’t interested. It sat out on the curb for a few days while we discussed these points.

My husband decided that we should get it under cover of darkness.

So, with lots of complaining and protesting, the boys helped him do so. They put it in the middle of the living room floor.

I pointed out the oddity of its placement yesterday before I went to work. I came home at lunchtime and found #2 son playing video games — in the middle of the living room floor, where the TV still was. I mildly mentioned that the carpet might not be the best spot for a ginormous TV.

It was still there when I came home from work. We banded together to make a turkey dinner, and when I had bdrmcleaned it up and talked with my daughters a bit, I headed back to my bedroom to read for a while before sleeping.

The giant TV was on top of my great-aunt’s dresser. There were assorted guys sitting on the bed, watching “Terminator III.”

I ask you, does this look like a place for reading novels before a night of repose, or like a place for watching Terminator movies?

I guess it will now serve for both.