Yesterday was just about a perfect work day. I had satisfying long spells of work for my big clients and refreshing little bits of work for my small clients. I had just enough contact with clients, time with my family, and a nice little break when That Man and The Empress came by.

I got all my invoices out —

I don’t want to give you a false impression here. Getting the invoices out means that Blessing did them and emailed them to me, all in separate files. I merely had to attach each invoice to the correct email and send them to the right addresses. As far as I know, I did so. This is about the speed of my accounting skills.

— and totted up my income for the month of June with a sense of  gratitude and surprise.

I mapped out my work schedule for July and had some new ideas. Always nice. I saw one of my websites shoot up to the top of Google, also always nice.

My husband is on vacation, so there was a spell when he was watching Nashville Star at top volume, and my brain couldn’t come up with the URLs at the speed I need them while making link requests, but I was able to keep my hourly average up by throwing in some blog directories. Not much writing yesterday, but I did work on some websites, so my brain didn’t completely self-destruct from too much repetition of long strings of code.

My husband warns me about that sometimes. He claims that working too intensely for too long causes your brain to overheat and possibly just to leak out through the ears. Watch out for that.

I was able to take the time during the day to help #1 daughter get registered for her classes, so she will be starting school next month, and to talk with #2 son on the phone.

And then I stopped working at a reasonable time, put dinner in the oven, and took the dog for a walk. #1 daughter came too. She was going to bring her dog as well, but my husband wouldn’t allow it. Spicer couldn’t go for fear that she would learn bad habits, he said. He would take her for a walk himself later. Toby didn’t get to go because he was acting like an idiot, leaping and barking and carrying on. Fiona is smarter than Toby. She sat down with her “I’m a good dog” face, and got to go for a walk.

It was a bit sad that only one dog got to go for a walk.

We got back in time for a healthy dinner, and then we watched a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie, following which I went to bed to read for a bit.

You will notice that no knitting took place. Nonetheless, it made me feel that self-employment might suit me after all.

I have more link requesting to do today. Also a couple of for-hire blog posts, on varying subjects. I enjoy that a lot. Some fine-tuning of websites. And then rehearsal this evening.