I have a rose! The bushes have recovered from their traumatic experience, or at least Falstaff here has.

Yesterday was the first day that #1 daughter and I shared an office. It’s possible that we talked a lot, but I think we also got a lot done.

I finished up a couple of writing assignments. We visited The Computer Guy and a client, did videos for the educational blog, and got software installed.

I had a call from a prospective client, sent them a proposal, and got a call back accepting the proposal. I also got a new job from The Computer Guy. Two new jobs a day is about usual for me. However, we want to increase business so the business can support #1 daughter as well, so we’re planning to be a bit more aggressive about marketing.

My husband cooked chicken and potatoes on the grill, and I steamed some cruciferous vegetables to go along with them. #1 daughter and I are hoping to maintain a more normal schedule, something I’ve been working on myself but which might be in conflict with our being more aggressive about marketing.

We’re having fun, though. My kids are my favorite coworkers — and I like all the people I work with. I’m quite lucky.