I watched TV last night.

I rarely watch TV. Actually, I do watch TV programs, including British and Canadian ones, on DVD or on the computer. There are several programs that I’ve bought the DVDs of because I enjoy watching them repeatedly: Numb3rs,Coupling, Pushing Up Daisies, The Thin Blue Line. But actually turning on the TV and watching it is rare.

TV is so inconvenient. You have to remember when things are on, and this changes all the time. I think that when I was a little girl, programs were on at the same time throughout the school year and then they had reruns during the summer. Now, a season may be five weeks long, with two time changes in  the middle, and I’m too busy to keep track of that stuff. TV also expects you to watch things when they happen to be on, and how unreasonable is that? It’s a machine; why should it have a schedule? I’ll work around human’s schedules,

So there is typically one program at most thatI actually try to watch on the television. For a while it was Monk, but that show has changed its time or gone off the air or something, and now I make an effort to watch The Big Bang. It used to be on at 7:00 on Monday, a fact which I discovered after several weeks of seeing the ending of the program.

I think I was able to watch it twice at that time.

They have now moved it. Last night, I discovered that this program is now on at 8:30. I found this out by watching the programs preceding it on the same station.

I wrote a website yesterday (the client responded with “I’ll call you tomorrow,” and may therefore not be happy with it; I’ll find out) and did a bunch of blogging and social media stuff, and worked on my final project, and by 7:00 my hands hurt and I was ready to quit working.

So I just went ahead and watched the evening lineup.

“It’s nothing but jokes about sex,” #2 son assured me. He was right. Also jokes about drinking, vomiting, and various kinds of scatalogical humor that I don’t always completely grasp.

This was the prime time viewing for families, and here was nothing but depravity as far as the eye could see.

I think The Big Bang Theory is funny, but #2 son lumps it in with the others. He didn’t believe that it wasn’t available online, and was outraged when he found that I was right.

The other thing I did yesterday was to attempt, along with one of my classmates, to solve the whole length-of-columns thing. We sent emails back and forth during our detective work, inching closer to the solution. I think it’s wrapper and clearfix, if only I could understand them. I have to turn the project in tomorrow, so that’s the deadline on figuring it out.

Today I have a project for The Computer Guy, an article for the brokers, assorted blogging and social media and analytics, and the follow-up call from that client. I ought to get my Amazon reviews done, too, and possibly I should pack.