I worked for eight hours yesterday and then shut down the computer in spite of ongoing small crises among clients and went to Seal Beach.

We began with a late lunch at a Greek restaurant, where we luxuriated on the patio, by a fountain, with platesful of lamb and vegetables. Then we strolled about like tourists, what with actually being tourists and all, and then went down to the water.

I miss the ocean even after all the years I’ve lived inland. I stood there breathing deeply and smiling and getting wet, sandy feet. It was lovely. We weren’t prepared for swimming, but it was wonderful anyway.

Then we visited my hostess’s parents and they told us many stories about being Japanese-American in the 1920s, a subject on which I know little. I got home to a message from The Computer Guy asking me to stay out of my website, since he has stuff to do in there. I blithely assured him that I’d get my blog done and be out early.

Not normally a problem, because I get up earlier than he does. However, it is two hours earlier here than it is there. So his 9:00 usual start time was my 7:00.

I got to bed around midnight and got up again at 5:30, which is not enough sleep. I am ignoring this fact. I got the blog done and got out, did a couple of newsletters and Twitter postings and some correspondence, and am now finishing up blog posts.

If I am able to work a mere eight hours a day this week without facing terrible consequences like not earning enough or having angry clients or anything, I may keep it up when I get home.

Today we’re going to Little Tokyo and meeting a client and then we have a rehearsal this evening.