My SWAP III storyboard lasted all of one day before requiring adjustment. Oh, I had already chickened out on 7using the mushroom gabardine for the 3-piece suit (the fabric is too beautiful for me to use for an untried pattern, so I switched to the clearance rack blue-green one instead, intending to work the mushroom-colored suit in later), but that was before I made the storyboard. It doesn’t count. Yesterday, though, I cut out my print skirt and then found that I didn’t have quite enough for the matching top. The store has sold out of this fabric.

I am thinking that I will do an Elizabeth Wilson type of piecework (asymetrical panels, she says, in a limited color palette) and see how that works out.

We took what may well be the last zucchini out of the garden, along with these handsome hot peppers, so it was time to make ChowChow.

ChowChow is a spicy relish made with squash, onions, and peppers.7 You chop it all up and let it sit with salt for a few hours.

If you do this, by the way, you must be sure to use pickling salt, not table salt, or your vegetables will get slimy rather than crisp.

You’re looking here at four cups of squash, one onion, and a cup and a half of mixed hot and sweet peppers. Four tablespoons of salt.

After it sits around for a few hours, you drain and rinse the vegetables. Then boil up two cups of cider vinegar with 3/4 cup of sugar and a teaspoon each of ginger, dry mustard, turmeric, and mixed pickling spices.

Simmer the vegetables in the pickling mixture for 20 minutes. Can the resulting ChowChow, or just put it in the refrigerator for up to three months.7

Great stuff. It will revolutionize your burgers.

At book club yesterday, we had read The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas and were talking about our favorite cubist painters, and our favorite novelists from the 1920s —

— and I would just like to say here how relaxing it is to be able to have a conversation like that. There are circles in which you cannot even mention such a topic without offending people. I have a dream, though, that someday the reasonably well-educated will be able to sit down with the —

Anyway. The Pianist was telling me about how she was thrown out of the library in Lafayette for wearing pants. It was in 1966 that this happened, and it was actually the second time she had been thrown out of a library.

Apart from that interesting and wide-reaching conversation, and computer work, and the creative endeavors described, I spent most of yesterday sipping iced tea, reading a light-weight mystery, and knitting Ivy.

Today is the last day of the Summer Reading Challenge, but I will be too busy to do much reading, so I had to do it yesterday. I was reading Murder Most Frothy, a pleasant enough novel with far too much detail about coffee. You know how murder mysteries now so often have some little gimmick — “with recipes” or they are about knitting or the detective is a dry cleaner and the stories include stain-removal tips? That is a stupid trend, IMHO. Did Dorothy Sayer make her novels be about rare books? Did Patricia Wentworth turn Miss Silver’s knitting into a gimmick? Anyway, this book had decided on coffee as a theme, and I truly do not care. I won’t recommend it. Nor did I like Freddy and Fredericka — in fact, I didn’t even finish it. Instead, I will recommend The Devil Wears Prada, if you are in need of a beach book.

Busy today, busy, busy, so I had better get started.