The new knitty is up. It is a special men’s issue, with essays about men knitting and knitting men, and patterns to knit for men. A woman might also want an Obey Giant scarf, of course, and baby-size cargo pants could suit any knitter with a baby to knit for, but those who have trouble finding good patterns for guys might especially like to check it out. I may make those mittens myself.

The bawk is not completed. Yes, I did spend most of the day on the couch knitting, but there were interruptions. For one thing, it was an absolutely glorious day and the garden was calling out to me. My husband needed occasional help with car repairs (and it was, after all, my car he was repairing). Then, after I had made a lunch of grilled chicken Caesar sandwiches, brown rice, tomatoes, and fruit, the family complained that the food had not been sufficiently holiday-esque, so I was sent out after hot dogs, chips, and watermelon.

I took off for the grocery in blue jeans, my son’s old summer camp T-shirt with clear evidences of gardening and car repair, unbrushed hair, and no makeup. I ran into many people I knew, all out buying hot dogs. This is Murphy’s Law.

Then in the evening I had a call from #1 daughter, and went out on the porch to talk with her while watching the fireworks.

She and Son-in-Law went, with a whole bunch of his colleagues and their wives, to the Statue of Liberty. What a splendid place to enjoy the Fourth (though I hear that the new torch is garish). While they were visiting the tourist attractions, though, they were themselves tourist attractions.

There were Japanese tourists who wanted their pictures taken with a dozen uniformed sailors. The girls shooed the wives out of the way so they could look as though they were surrounded by admiring sailors. There were people who came up and thanked the guys for serving their country. There were also people who wanted to express their views on the U.S. presence in Iraq.

These folks are like the ones who give pregnant women lectures on overpopulation. I always used to wonder what kind of reaction the were hoping for. Maybe, “I declare, I never saw it that way before. Here, mind my older kids while I pop down to the abortion clinic, will you?”

What should members of the armed forces do when faced with declarations against the military? Offer to strip off their uniforms there and then? Defend the existence of the armed forces, even though they have often been misused? Say, “Thank you for allowing us to be part of your Independence Day celebration”?

In any case,  here is the bawk. Or a portion of the cable, at least. I really like this cable. I had intended to make my bawks with all different designs, chosen to suit the various recipients. But the first (and official) BAWK pattern that I saw had just a plain 4×4 cable. I thought I would replace it with Polperro Musicians, Anchor and Gull, Chalice Cable, Old Scottish Stitch. This cable is so much more cool, though, that I will have to make a few more.

Knitters, this is pattern #19 from Rebecca home #7. It is done in Seafoam Wool-Ease on #3 dpns. Now you know.

Back to work today, with renewed spirit. I redid the toy wall last week, so today should involve Frequent Buyer cards and conceivably some unpacking of books.