See at left how nicely the homepage for my final project behaves in Firefox.

See below how badly it behaves in IE.

It looks good in Safari, too.

I am being graded in IE.

The people at the standards place say that correctly-written code will look good on all modern browsers, so the proper way to look at this would be gratitude to the IE browser for helping me to track down the flaws in my code.

I’m working on that.

Yesterday I got up and tidied my house, ate breakfast and dressed and went to the gym on time, took a lunch break and yet got everything on my to-do list done by 6:30, made Eggplant Parmagiana and a salad of mixed greens and raspberries for dinner, and relaxed in the evening, folding laundry while watching The Big Bang Theory and talking with my boys.

My husband’s company is shut down for the week, so he hung around watching game shows and complaining.

He began asking what was for dinner around 5:00, stormed out of the house shortly before I quit working and made dinner, came back and complained loudly to the dogs about what I had made, and then complained about the kitchen until I — the person who worked for 10 hours yesterday, not the person whose job it is to clean the kitchen — went in and cleaned it.

The proper way to look at this would be to be sympathetic about my husband’s frustration with being laid off for a week, and grateful for the reminder that the quality of my life isn’t always entirely up to me.

You may guess how well I did with that one.

My new schedule worked, though, for one day.

The Computer Guy and I got a site launched, worked with one that’s in progress, and had the start date for our new one pushed back a week by the client. Since I’m leaving for California in a week and a half, that’s not great news for me, but — see the lesson above. I don’t have total control of these things. I think it’ll be okay, too. I’m diligently not adding anything to my schedule till I get back. This could of course mean that I’ll have no work at all when I get back, but I think I can take the chance.

I have to get my divs behaving before I leave, though. That’s for sure.