I put Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Total Body Workout on my Netflix list after Formerprincess raved about Yee. I was not sure, frankly, whether she was admiring his technique or his physique, but I would say that this guy does a good yoga class. There is beautiful scenery, the instructions are clear (if a little odd sometimes: “Soft eyes, drop the pubis, realize the quietness of your nervous system”), and I had a little bit of soreness this morning.

I spent much of the class being irritated that it was slow and repetitive, but that is how yoga is supposed to be, and people who get irritated by that probably need it more than most.

After work, I got back to my SWAP Part II. This SWAP was supposed to give me things to wear to work this summer, other than the zookeeper gear I commonly wore, and here it is summer and almost time for me to get back to the store.

I had made a pair of classic pleated trousers in my first SWAP, and was intending to do some more. My theory was that, even though I had some trouble with the first pair, after making a few more I would have it down pat. However, I have changed my mind. For one thing, the people on What Not to Wear were extremely scornful of classic pleated trousers last time I saw that program, and their victim was dressed very like a zookeeper, so I figured it could relate to me.

For another, that first pair I made just doesn’t really fit. I had a brainwave and measured a couple of pairs of well-fitting pants across the front and down the rise, and did the same with my SWAP pants. There was an extra two inches horizontally on those pants I made, and an extra three inches vertically.

So I went to the pattern from which I have made a couple of skirts that fit well and which I like, and measured the pants pattern (it is one of those wardrobe kinds). The measurements were just right, and they are side-zip pants, so the zipper will go in just like a skirt zipper and require no extra skill. No pockets, and the waistband is 1″ below the natural waist, so I will be more modern and perhaps look less like a zookeeper.

I cut them from a charcoal Tencel, and may have time to sew them up this evening.

#2 son is safely back from Bonnaroo with a tan (he is the pale-skinned one of our children) and a whole bunch of really cool rock concert pictures, plus some new favorite bands.

Okay. I have workshops to do today, so I had better skedaddle. Have a wonderful day, everyone!