Hardly any additional progress on  my sewing project. Still, I did actually quit working yesterday evening and sit down and work on it a bit. I had decided to use sea-green thread, matching the lace, imagining that it would add pretty detail to the ivory parts, sort of like quilting. I may have been wrong on that.

I did this while watching “The Big Bang Theory.” I’m not quite sure why I find this program funny, since it is all about stereotypes of academically minded people. There are four guys in the story, all of them engaged in largely unspecified math and science endeavors, and the whole show is about their lack of social skill and general dweebishness.

#2 daughter IMed me at one point yesterday to say that the new boy she’s dating (yes, we’re back to having a stream of new boys to keep up with. Say what you will about M. Bassoon, he did at least stay in the picture long enough to make it worth learning his name) had said “the nerdiest thing ever!” It was a bit of math in daily life. Since I was, at the time, engaged in determining whether tissue lysates ought to be classified under cell biology or lab supplies, I didn’t agree that it was the nerdiest thing ever.

In fact, the nerdiest thing I’ve ever heard said was the math prof’s part in the following conversation:

Math prof: “How old are you, #2 son?”
#2 son: “I’m four.”
Math prof: “Did you know that’s a rational number?”

Today I have several meetings, a class to teach, papers to grade, and a few hours of computer stuff to do, including things for a new client. I am of two minds about this new client, frankly, but I guess it’s good that I accepted them, because one of my regulars stopped today. I’m not sure I should call him a regular, because he was actually only with me for a month and hasn’t even paid me yet. He said he felt that he could get more traffic with adwords.

That’s fine with me. I wanted to make sure that they didn’t feel they hadn’t gotten their money’s worth, though, so I did send the guy a report showing that the traffic source I’d worked on for him had shown a 333.33% increase with a 7% conversion rate, while his adwords traffic was down 39%, with a 1.3% conversion rate. and that the conversions from my source were buying his very expensive video course while the adwords people were subscribing to his ezine (which may actually be free– I’m not sure).

But you know, he’s a non-tech guy and may not even read all those numbers. He may think, “That’s just the nerdiest thing!”

Little does he know I spend my spare time sewing lacy underthings.