More knitting took place chez fibermom last night. I’m making the Flying Diagonals cardigan from Lacy Little Knits. I added waist shaping to the first piece, but didn’t make any notes or anything. So now I’m doing the second piece and trying to match it, hampered by the fact that the stuff is lacy enough to be fairly unstable as a fabric.

Learn from my mistake and make notes when you change your pattern, okay?

The change was probably unnecessary, anyway. This pattern in this yarn makes such a soft fabric that there’s no chance it will be boxy. The change is probably more about trendiness than anything else. Peer pressure or something.

I think peer pressure mostly has good effects on me. I tend to feel pressured into doing things like cleaning my house or joining Weight Watchers (third meeting today; my friends don’t attend the meeting that I do, but rehearsals of the choirlet now invariably begin with people’s weight loss reports and cakes are served with Points announcements). I guess I’ve also let peer pressure cause me to work excessive hours, not so much a good thing, and to favor gradients, drop shadows, and rounded corners.

One of my students is writing about how peer pressure is more severe now and thus drug use is way up among teens. I’m inclined to think that peer pressure is a constant, but I have no evidence for this. It’ll be interesting to see what she comes up with.

Peer pressure in the knitting blogosphere causes people to knit ponchos.