I did some weights yesterday, after having been a weight-training slacker for a while, and I have the sore muscles today to remind me of it.

I’m heading out early to the farmers’ market with Fine Soprano, and then I have a meeting with Client #2 before I settle down with Client #6’s work.

I downloaded the pianist’s choice of arrangements for Duke Ellington’s “Come Sunday” for my solo this Sunday, and I have to get it over to her.  It is quite high, so I may have to throw in some actual practice time somewhere, too.

I also have some website fooling around to do.

As those who keep track of my ridiculous dithering will remember, I have yet to commit myself sufficiently to self-employment to order business cards. I can’t call on potential clients without something to give them. I have to make a web site before I can make business cards, since us computer guys can’t have cards without a web site. I can’t even email potential clients and ask for a meeting without a web site. And I am reaching the point at which I will need more contract work or a salaried job, one or the other.

I still have some employment fantasies. One involves Client #6 keeping me on quarter time on a permanent basis. The weekly calls in which I must justify my existence have made this seem unlikely. Another employment fantasy involves Client #2 hiring me on a steady basis. Quarter time would do there, too. He can’t afford this, though, so that also seems unlikely. I have turned down several management job offers by now, and I haven’t actually received any teaching offers, so I  may be inching closer to actual self-employment.

I have reached the point at which my inner debates on the subject are boring for me, so I won’t continue boring you with them here.

Maybe Fine Soprano will have some hints for me about high notes.