#2 son supported the idea of male/female shopping differences yesterday when I sent him out with a grocery list. He came back with exactly the listed items. One lime, not several limes. No surprises. If I make good shopping lists, I can certainly count on him to follow through on the groceries. That’s good.

He also came to the gym with me yesterday, but doesn’t plan to do it in future. He wants his brother to go with him.

I’m not teaching this week, but I have lots of work, plus all that homework. There was a brief moment last night when I got all the pieces of one of the website pages into approximately the right spots. I thought about taking a picture of it to show you guys, but decided to try to get the white spaces between the colored blocks out first, and unaccountably managed instead to move most of the right hand column back to the bottom of the page.

See how there’s just white space around the picture? All the rest is hanging out under the colored parts. Shyly refusing to go back up where it belongs.

Now, this wouldn’t be a good page even if I got everything into the right places, but I feel as though, if I could ever get things into the right spots, I’d then be able to work with the rest of the issues.

I’m thinking I may just start over. I could make all the pages very good with html, which is my friend, and then build a stylesheet one tiny step at a time, seeing what each change does, and perhaps get it all right.
Just in case you’re curious, this is what it looks like in plain html, before the CSS. All the words and the picture just line up one after another on the page.

You can still occasionally see pages like this around the web, often in educational contexts.

CSS is styling. It takes all the words and makes them go to particular places and have different colors and backgrounds and lines and borders and stuff.

That is normally not my job, of course. I write up the words and send them off to some clever person. Or I write them into some previously-styled thing some clever person made before.

I need to do exactly those two things today. Quite a lot of both those things. I also have to figure out adwords, about which I know as much as I know about CSS.
The designer in Moldavia is waiting on me. He sent me a message at 1:45 a.m. asking when I’d get the content to him. Presumably he’s asleep right now, but it still makes me feel pressured.