In addition to the whole teaching and writing thing,  I’ve also managed to fit in a bit of knitting. This is the front of Flying Diagonals, unblocked.

Since it’s unblocked lace (or, as they more accurately put it in the book, “lacy knitting”), you can’t tell that much about it. It’s nice, though, and will be half of the front of a cardigan.

I think I can claim that it’s “pink champagne,” another 2010 color. I also have some twill in “eucalyptus.” I’ll just be all over the official 2010 palette, won’t I?

I’m going to have my class work on a web 2.0 project today. I like to have them do this, since many of them will probably find that much of the writing they do during their lifetime is done online.

Last term, my class had enough trouble with it that I had them do very little in that way. This term, I have a few computer science students, and the rest seem bright enough to handle it.

I have one student who is a few years younger than I am. I mention this mostly because I thought she was a decade or so older than me. She has quite a cute figure, but she shows a lot of skin and it’s very wrinkly. Way more than mine. So I figured she was much older, and was particularly impressed with how she managed to keep a cute figure. She also has five children. She got laid off, just as I did, and she came back to school to become “an independent, successful woman,” as she wrote in her first essay. I admire her for that.

It’s possible that her wrinkliness is sun damage. If you go around showing that much skin, you’re likely to have sun damage all over the place.

I want to see her become a successful, independent woman.

Today I also have a couple of projects for The Computer Guy and another story for the magazine. I’m also going to go to a Weight Watcher’s meeting. I tried their online program last year and was completely unsuccessful with it. But many of my friends do WW, and #1 daughter (the one who works for Jenny Craig) recommends it. So I’m going to see how it is.

I don’t like going to meetings and I’m not much on groups. However, as I said yesterday, I’m very biddable. I’m good at assignments and deadlines. Perhaps, just as being in the Photoshop class makes me do the studying of Photoshop that I could have done on my own at any time and didn’t, and being in the Wardrobe Contest makes me get my sewing done, being in Weight Watchers will help me counteract the health effects of being at a computer all day long. And half the night sometimes.

The other thing I mean to do is to walk the dogs at the end of the workday every day. I intended to begin doing this on the first. I haven’t done it yet. I think this is because my workday hasn’t ended.