Sew Intriguing has been making lingerie way faster than I have, and also actually posting pictures.

I would post pictures, but I have mislaid my camera. This is not good, since I have pictures in it that I’m supposed to upload to the class Squidoo lens.

Last night I watched Prince Caspian with my menfolks.We kept seeing resemblances between people we know and cast members, particularly surprising in a film where so many of the characters are talking animals and mythological creatures. Queen Susan looks like the college soccer player #1 son kept company with for a while, and Kind Edmund is a dead ringer for JBeck. Do those of you who’ve met #1 son see the resemblance to Prince Caspian?

We enjoyed the movie quite a lot. Having been to the Narnia exhibit in KC and seen many of the artifacts up close added to the experience.

The chocolatier asked for a document laying out a timeline and budget to show his business partners when they arrive in the US for the Fancy Food Show, and also asked that the document include some background information about me and The Computer Guy and some indication that we can work well together. “The German people,” he said, “are highly skilled and productive, but old fashioned in some ways.” They want to put together a team for the long run and need that human element so they can feel confident that it’ll be a team with good chemistry and high ethical standards and whatnot.

I’ve decided not to be offended by the chocolatier’s suggestion that this was a European thing which I as an American might find quaint.

Anyway, in the course of creating this document, I discovered that The Computer Guy and I have, if we count WIPs, collaborated on two dozen websites over the past year. I’ve also built two with The Art Teacher and one each with a couple of other designers, not to mention the very large number I’ve written or rewritten or otherwise worked on for other people. I’m sort of amazed.

I have a deadline today — the 20 blog posts I’ve been working on since last Friday. Normally, I wouldn’t be alarmed about this at all, but I’ve had a startling amount of trouble getting those hours in, so I’m worrying a bit. So I’m going to go do my paid blogging. TTYL.