This image happens to be the color scheme of my planned SWAP. I haven’t started working on it, but I’m thinking about it in my spare moments, and I figure by the time I have enough time to work on it, it’ll be so thoroughly planned and worked out that it’ll be easy to do.

Last night’s rehearsal was one of those you get toward the end of the rehearsal period. Brahms, we were reminded, clearly knew how to write a crescendo, so if he didn’t write one, then he must not have wanted one there, even if the orchestra is going to crash right over us and no one will hear us at all at that point. Oh, and even though we won’t be heard at all, we had better be together, because if we aren’t, then we will certainly be heard not being together. And the piano section with the slight accents on the quarter notes? Don’t increase the decibel level, but make sure there is a core to the tone, and lengthen the quarter notes slightly.

That kind of stuff.

I spent a fair amount of time yesterday with prospective clients, prompting the guys bent on world domination to send a nice little email asking how it was going. I’m going to get to them any moment here, and do a few hours before my meeting, and then a few more hours after my meeting, and maybe get them finished up. Nothing like getting your plan to take over the world all polished up and then having to wait for the copywriter.

I have to say, though, that writing 480 words on IT needs in Bristol (and 19 other towns) approaches fiction for me.

The copyediting jobs for the next month’s online magazine have started coming in, and there is someone in Colorado writing about outdoor life opportunities here where I live, which is not very near to Colorado. Totally lacking in local color. Not terrible or anything, but definitely enough to make a reader think, “Hey, she’s never even been there, has she?”

It is possible that IT needs in Leicester aren’t really that different from the ones in Bristol, though. Still, if I were writing it for myself rather than by the hour, I’d at least try to get a sense of what is so special about the computers of Nottingham and so forth. I am so far resisting the temptation to make literary references for Guilford.