Isn’t that pretty?

It’s one of the website building projects I’m currently working on. The one my company is doing, to be specific. I’m also writing websites for five agencies, and  a bunch of other stuff as well, but this one is in-house start to finish.

Our goal is to do twelve of these this year. I’d also like to see us do marketing kits at the same frequency.

I think we’re also supposed to have 10 social media campaigns. I personally write a website a week on a pretty steady basis, and blog for half a dozen companies every week. I teach seven college classes a year, too.

Once I get my business systems in place, I’ll be able to do all these things, keep my house in a reasonably pleasant condition, travel a bit, enjoy plenty of music and needlework, spend time with my friends and family, read, and take up hiking.

Today I have to make a bunch of phone calls and set up a lunch meeting and write an architect’s website and finish up a draft for a manufacturer’s site. I also have an “advertorial” to do for a hospital, grading, and blogging. I’m planning on housework.

I need to pick up my new glasses and arrange for a haircut. I’m going on a roadtrip next weekend with Janalisa, who is always very soignee, so I need to look as soignee as I personally can manage.