Roizen and Oz went on after their chapter about work and money to write about love and sex. Their chapter on this subject contained some surprises for me:

  • The uterus is like an anteater. I won’t go into details; the bare fact that the two have anything at all in common is startling enough.
  • Men find the smell of doughnuts arousing.
  • There are different types of sperm that do different jobs.
  • Men think about sex once every 52 seconds. Women think about sex once a day. I always wonder about these claims. How can you accurately measure what people are thinking?
  • If a couple has sex once a month, and they change that to once a week, the resulting increase in their happiness is equivalent to an increase of $50,000 in their income. Actually, the WSJ reports just about once a year that people earning $90k a year are no happier than those earning $20k, so I’m not sure that this means anything at all. But once a month suggests that they should bring home some doughnuts or something.

The advice on love and sex included daily exercise, avoiding saturated fats and simple carbohydrates, and accepting the adaptive nature of the pair bond. The authors also said that the pair bond is designed to last for about 5-7 years — long enough for offspring to be able to fend for themselves. After that length of time, they said, you have to spice things up a little. They suggest thinking what your spouse would really like you to do, and doing that.

However, they also said that while people seem to be designed to live in pairs, pairs of friends or family members or a person and a dog work just as well. Research doesn’t support the idea that cats make good life partners. So if your romantic relationships always end after 5-7 years and you have no offspring, you should get a dog or a dear friend to live with.

Now you know.