sewretro button I finished the apron on Sunday as planned. I was not able to post a picture of it yesterday because my computer has the collywobbles. And the picture I haveapron posted today seems to be worse even than usual, for the same reason. Having wasted large amounts of time on it yesterday, I am taking it to an expert this morning. Two days without gym time right there.

As a result of this irritating event, the apron did not result in wine-tinged laughter in the crepescular recesses of my kitchen, even though I wore it last night while making chicken with artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, garlic, and wine.

#2 son said reasonably, “Of all the troubles we’ve had lately, this is the smallest.” He is right. He should also get points for saying that even though the computer troubles spell spring break without computer games for him. (He has a Wii and a Playstation, so that may be helping him be philosophical about it). And he was the one who remembered the existence of an old computer in the closet.

This computer is so old that it cannot work with our broadband connection. We used a “free trial” AOL disk that turned up as we searched for our system restoration disks yesterday to establish a dial-up connection.

An ancient computer on a dial-up connection means that you click to get to a page and go make and eat steel-cut oats while waiting for the page to load. Also, you cannot type very fast or it loses its place. I may not be around much till the other computer is fixed.

Yesterday I tried to do the store blog at work. The computer there is fast, but it is a Mac. All entries must be done in html. I do not know much html. Also, the whole time I was trying to write, people were talking to me. I have noticed before that people do not understand that I can’t chat and write at the same time, even when I tell them so. I can chat and knit or clean or arrange books at the same time, but writing requires concentration.

Blessing was telling me about her visit to Graceland. Also about the picturesque terms for trouser fitting troubles: muffin top, diaper butt, camel toe. I am sure it is good to know these things, but I cannot pay attention to them while writing.

Customers kept coming in, too, even though I had gone to work half an hour early for the express purpose of getting the blog entry written. “Did you lock the door?” my mother asked when I complained about this to her.

I had not done so. I imagined that the darkness and the “Closed” sign on the door would suffice, and after one person came in, I could not very well lock them in, even if I forebore to give a sinister chuckle while doing so.

I bank online. I talk to my kids online. I pay my bills online. I keep up with you guys online. I do a lot of the research for my writing assingments online.

Still, as #2 son pointed out, this is a small trouble. He referenced the refrigerator and oven breakdowns, which interfered with his meals. I am thinking of the fact that my son-in-law has been sent home from the submarine with panic attacks, an event which is bound to have an effect on his career, and the fact that my husband is only just beginning to relax about the gang of murderous tax accontants he has been worrying about. And my job, which is still pretty up in the air.

So I am not going to whine any more about the computer. Neither will I attempt to proofread this screed, as I estimate that I will be able to shower and dress while it posts. Who knows how long it would take to spell-check?