Ah, yes, the Jasmine sweater.

Here it is — a fetching raglan from Elsebeth Lavold’s Summer Breeze Collection. I got the book and the yarn before spring break, and was prepared to make one for me in the color Silken Damask — pink — and one for a friend in Regal Orchid,

 which is purple.

The required gauge is 22 stitches over 4″.

I swatched on 3s and the fabric was just too loose, so I went down to 1s. It looked great, but I had 23 stitches to 4″. So I went on this mad quest to find #0 needles.

Have you seen the problem yet?

I went ahead and knitted with the Silken Damask (figuring it would be better to mess up my own than the one I am making for M) throughout spring break, finishing the front — except for the ribbing, which I figured I would add when I got the 0 needles — and about 6″ of the back.

I used a smaller size, since my gauge was off. Once the front was complete, I measured it and found that it was too small.

Well, yes, of course. 23 stitches to 4″ is smaller than 22 stitches to 4″. I needed #2 needles, of which I have several, not #0 needles, for which I had to scour two states (I exaggerate, but I am in an extreme emotional state here).

I can’t believe I made this elementary mistake. I can’t believe that it didn’t strike me for almost two weeks that I was doing it wrong. It was only when I began the calculations for the Regal Orchid sweater that it hit me. I can’t believe that Pokey didn’t catch it either.

It does mean that my spring break knitting — 4 balls of Luna — was just extended swatching. It will all have to be frogged.

However, I will begin today on the Regal Orchid sweater. I couldn’t begin last night, because I was in shock.

And I will be frogging all the Silken Damask.

I think this is a situation in which “Uff da!” can be used. Even without Lutefisk.