I was intending to show you pictures today, but xanga is not in the mood. Maybe later. I was up late last night working on the costumes which are due tomorrow, and will be doing the same thing tonight. This is caused by the fact that I have to take my kid to the dentist today and had to take my other kid to Tulsa yesterday, the fact that — as the Poster Queen put it — I don’t know the meaning of the word “no,” and the fact that I procrastinated.

I am not normally a procrastinator, and this is why. I now have to finish the costumes under conditions of maximum inconvenience, and probably will not do a very good job on them. This is what happens when you put things off. Even things that you should not have agreed to do in the first place. These are the costumes that I was roped into doing for the Presbyterian church. Why, I wondered, weren’t any of the parents of the kids wearing the costumes, or indeed any of the people currently attending the church doing these costumes? Well, the Easter Sunday sermon was on the idea that Jesus doesn’t ask you to do anything, just to be, and He will come to you in your ordinary life. This encapsulates the message of all recent sermons. This has become a church for people who want a really trouble-free version of Christianity, so why would you expect a high level of volunteerism?

So, rather than showing you Hopkins and the current state of #1 son’s quilt and the flowerpot modeling its necklace, I will now head groggily off to work on those costumes.