Part of the problem with my movie-like drama is the conviction both my husband and I hold that the Whole Thing is All the Other Person’s Fault.

In our more rational moments, we realize that it is not our faults, but the fault of the Criminal Masterminds, but we aren’t having all that many rational moments about this.

Why does this not come up more often in movies? The protagonists should, while they are lurking, creeping, plotting, and otherwise dealing with the Criminal Masterminds, also be bickering.

“If you hadn’t opened that door, we wouldn’t be in this mess!”
“It was the door to the hotel kitchen! How should I know there would be a dead body in there?”

And a bit later, as they are being smuggled out in standing bass cases….

“You know, if you hadn’t said ‘Don’t worry, we didn’t see anything! We won’t tell!’, we might have gotten away with it.”
“Yeah, right! Who started humming in an unconcerned manner and drew the attention of the spies, eh?”
“Well, I don’t think I was the one who insisted on joining the Espionage and Counterespionage Glee Club in the first place. “It’ll be fun!’ you said. Now who’s having fun?”

But this never happens in movies, does it?

Ashleigh Brilliant had a little postcard that said “We’ve been through so much together… and most of it was your fault.” 

Anyway, if you ever go to the Federal Building, you will be glad to know that they will let you take your knitting, 3407even if you use metal needles. I did have to lift my pant legs to show that I didn’t have any guns or knives tucked into my socks, so it could also be a good opportunity to show off your lovely hand-knit socks, though I did not think of that.

This is five skeins of Connemara, becoming an Oat Couture Bijoux Blouse.

The people at the Federal Building tell me that I am now through with the movie-like drama, unless the guys in CID want to ask me more questions. My husband still had more bickering to do, but he is just going to have to do it by himself at this point.