I sang that song thinking of Elgar, and it went well, though it’s pretty well impossible to do sustained high notes while crying. Both the widow and the mother of the man whose funeral it was played pieces on the piano, and if they had the discipline to do that, I certainly had to be able to sing my bit.

It was a nice service. People told funny stories, so there was laughter as well as crying, and lots of music.

Lots of work after that. Lots of work is good, but I worked till 8:30 (took a break to cook and eat dinner with the menfolks) and then had work-induced insomnia. That’s where you wake up repeatedly all night thinking about spreadsheets and stuff.

When I worked at the store, there were times when we couldn’t get everything done because it was just too busy. I used to say, “We can’t do anything more than we’re doing right now. We have to do as much as we can, and start again tomorrow.” I’m saying that to myself right now. We also had dreams involving the laminator and stuff like that. I think maybe there are times when there’s too much for the brain to process during the day, so it has to carry it over into your sleep. Not restful, that.

It’s spring here, now. Beautiful, and things are budding, and frogs are peeping. High time. I’m writing about fall colors — indeed, fall colours — for my Aussies, but loving the spring. I’m also doing an Easter Countdown at the chocolatier’s blog, in case you’re getting ready for that holiday. We’d love to have you come over there and talk with us.