“So,” said #2 son, “how do you like basically being a house-mom?”

I think it was some sort of collision between “housewife” and “mom.” I protested.

“Oh, I know you’re working,” he agreed, “but you’re able to manage your time more efficiently and make us cookies more often.”

Making (and, let’s admit it) eating cookies more often isn’t one of my life goals, so I let that pass.

However, I am enjoying working at home.

Yesterday, for example, I spent a number of hours working on the links management campaign, an intrinsically dull task. I also did some research for a new workshop we’re putting together, and the monthly e-message (can’t really call it a newsletter, though it is standing in for one until we decide how we want to approach that), and some other similarly fascinating stuff.

But I did it barefoot, with an excellent view of the lovely spring day, and the breeze coming through the lace curtains at the window, and nothing but birdsong interrupting my work.

Since I continue to spend a couple of days every week working away from home, I have had no opportunity to feel isolated or bored with being at home, and the whole arrangement continues to seem excellent.

That was April. May might also be like that. June will include ten workshops, and there will be boys in the house all day interfering with my work by, I suppose, asking for cookies. In July and August I will have to commute to the store daily (long-time readers with total recall will know that August in the month when my blog becomes nothing but an ongoing whine about how overworked I am) and do all my computer work under conditions of intense stress. Or early in the morning before I go to the store. That would also work.

But May! In May, the region where I live is like paradise. My boys will be in school all month. I expect visits from both my daughters this month, and #1 son is graduating. I am back in good health, I have returned to the gym, I have nothing on my calendar but parties and music and similar jollity.

I have high hopes for May.

Today I will be at the store, doing the beginning-of-the-month jobs, so I had better get going. Exercise, the rest of the essential daily computer work — that will fill the available time before I leave. No cookies today, that’s for sure.