Yesterday I got 15 minutes of Pilates in before the phone started ringing, and then embarked on an enjoyable 12-hour workday.

I made beef stew toward the end of it, then talked with another possible new client — he asked me to send him a contract, and I did, so I’d say we’re very close to a deal — while it stewed.

In case you’re counting, this makes four new clients from the WSJ story. I sent the author a box of champagne truffles.

Then #2 son and I gathered up all the dogs and took them for a walk. The big dog tugged at the leash in an apparent attempt to pull my arm from its socket, while the smaller ones toddled — or, in Spicer’s case, waddled — along together.

We ran into The Chemist, who assured me that I hadn’t been missed when I ducked out of the second service to go to brunch, though I was the only one who knew how to pronounce “Jochabed.”

We had a nice family meal together, sitting at the table and everything, and then I decided to try out the Cupcake Bath Bombs from Brambleberry.

I bought the kit during a moment of sleep-deprived self-indulgence, while I was ordering the entirely necessary soap base. I make all of our bath and spa products around here, and I do it with an annual order from Brambleberry that comes to a bit less than $1.50 a week, so it wasn’t a horrible self-indulgence, but I wouldn’t have done it when fully awake, so let that be a lesson to me.

You know how it is, though — you do some craft and get good at it, and then you want to step it up a little. And these cupcakes are very cute, and I thought they’d make a nice gift.

Mine aren’t very cute. You have to click the link and look at how they’re supposed to look.

Anyway, I followed the very easy directions and mixed up the cake part, which is just your ordinary bath fizzy recipe, and packed them into the cupcake liners.

Then I mixed up the icing, which uses SLS powder. There is a note to be careful with it in the directions. They explain that it’s very fluffy and might make your throat tickle.

Another way they could have said it is, “This  stuff will invade all your breathing passages and cause you to hack and cough throughout the rest of the evening.”

Just be careful with it. This may be my excuse for why I totally messed things up at this stage. Because if you look closely at the picture you will see behind the pastry bag a little bottle of jojoba oil which should have been in the frosting.

I left it out. I added water, as the directions said, but the directions were expecting there to be several ounces of oil in there, and just a little bit of water. This is, I’m sure, why my frosting melted from its lovely cupcake-like glory into flat runniness within an hour.

This morning I scraped up the more dried-out icing and put it into my Pampered Chef decorator and tried again.

However, while I was able to extrude some snakes of icing with brute force, and mounded them onto the bath fizzy cakes, they certainly aren’t nice enough to give anyone.

They do smell just like cake, having been made with the “Cream Cheese Frosting” scent included in the kit. The boys were moved to ask me why I never make them cake.

A couple of years ago, #2 son had a running joke which involved his booming “Make me some cake, woman!” at me in stentorian tones, but I actually haven’t made them a cake in some time. I may have to, since my kitchen now smells like cake.

I think that, if I had done it correctly, these would have been very charming. I may get a refill kit sometime (they’re sold out right now) and try again.

In the meantime, I have lots of work to do, and am hoping to get through more of the Pilates DVD today.