#1 daughter and I went up yesterday to turn in grades, sign  my contract, pick up my new textbooks, and visit a couple of clients.

Then I saw her off and got back to my computer and wrote stuff.

Following that, I had a meeting with the Art Professor, during which we examined our new client’s website and laughed.

It’s really that bad.

The Art Professor said that people are used to bad design, so they actually like it better. That hadn’t occurred to me, I must say. I know that some of our clients don’t see how bad their sites are till we point it out (in a loving, supportive way, of course), but I think they usually prefer the results when we make them a new one. Like the TV program What Not to Wear.

The day before, we took most of the family to the botanical gardens and the farmers market.

That’s where these lovely poppies are from.

I’ve been reading The Edge of Physics, a most enjoyable book, and in it I learned that there aren’t any smells in Antarctica. I guess that makes sense, but I hadn’t thought about it.

As we walked through the gardens, just ahead of a thunderstorm that began pelting us just as we got to the car to go home, we were met by scents everywhere. Curry plant, and roses, and herbs, and something amazingly sweet in the native plants garden, but we never did figure out what it was.

Plus the nice scents of dirt and damp leaves.

Antarctica is not a place where people ought to live. 

Anyway, last night after finishing work at a reasonable time and having a nice dinner with salad and strawberries from the farmers market, I continued my hemming while #2 son played video games, and felt relaxed and happy.

I haven’t been feeling that way lately. I’ve actually been somewhat stressed. I guess it’s turning in the paperwork that did it. Or having a nice weekend with my family. Or getting some payments in at last. Or eating right and exercising and getting enough sleep. Or the combination of all those things.

I have a couple of weeks till my next class begins. I’m planning to shoehorn some sewing into my schedule. I’m scheduled today for a training session with the new billing system, and tonight I’m going to a poetry reading with LaBella. Before that, lots of writing. I also need to vote and get to the grocery store. Enough idle persiflage, then; I’m off to work.