Yesterday I mostly spent working with (at? on?) #2’s laptop. At the moment, I dislike laptops a lot, but presumably by the end of the week I’ll be used to it and contemplating a laptop of my own.

I’m a mouse user, not a keyboard user, that’s the trouble.

I did go out for a walk. #2 lives in a loft next to a coffee company. Not a little charming cafe or something, but the Folgers plant. It smells like coffee all day long. Often it smells like burnt coffee, but even that is nice.

So I walked around the buildings nearest to her, making sure not to leave the coffee-scented area so that I could be sure to find my way back. I found the museum of the garment district, but it was closed. Disappointing, that, since I love weird little historical museums. I didn’t find any bookstores, but there were cafes. I could take the laptop along today and go to one of those and work there.

After work, we went to a concert in the little town where #2 went to college, which is about 15 minutes from the big city where she now lives. This was a concert of children ages eight to eleven playing cellos, a violin, and a piano. They were pretty amazing. I love it that they have a community theater in an old drugstore, and that the town can fill the house for a concert of children playig cello trios.

We finished up the evening with Nachos Supreme and flan, which tasted as though it were full of alcohol. Or possibly poison. We debated this as we ate several bites. Nice texture, whatever the explanation for the burning sensation might have been.

Now I’m back to work, hoping that I’m getting all my emails, but not feeling at all certain.