5 The winner of the First to Bloom race this year is New Dawn, an award-winning rose known for its rampaging habits, and it certainly does have that habit in our garden.

It’s several weeks later than normal, presumably because the caterpillars ate all of last month’s rose buds.

I’m glad to see it at last.

I’m involved in a couple of pitches that would result in nice round figures in income, and have a new assignment as well. There hasn’t been a whole lot for me to apply to recently, but if the pitches happen to be successful, I’ll be settled for the next couple of months anyway.

We’re voting today for judge. I don’t feel very informed about the candidates. I’ve had a couple of e-mails from friends recommending one of them, I’ve heard some conversation about another, and the one that I actually knew has withdrawn from the race…

How well-informed do you need to be to vote? I’ve known people who felt that the main point of public education was to have well-informed voters, people who refuse to vote unless they have very strong feelings in favor of one candidate, and people who feel that they have a duty to vote, even if they’re just making a random selection.

I tend to be the one cramming with Google at the last minute.

Today I have stuff to write, work on one of the aforementioned pitches, tutoring, and a client visit. This evening is “Share Day” at the Tuesday night class, and I am inclined not to go. I probably should be ashamed of myself for that inclination, but people are encouraged to stand up and say what they’ve learned this year, and so many people can’t stop once they start talking in public. I think it’s nerves. They’re nervous about speaking in front of others, they get started, they haven’t made any plan for how to end, so they just keep talking long after they’ve run out of anything cogent to say. So I planned instead to go to the rehearsal of the choirlet, and volunteered to be the baker for the week (I told you there was a lot of cake going around here), but have just had an email postponing the rehearsal to Thursday, so I could go and listen politely to people’s maunderings.

I’m maundering myself, today. I’ll stop.