Since I came over here last week and crowed about having had a blog post at SEOmoz (and did I mention that it was also Dugg and SEOranked? I bet I did), I also have to come here and report that I got three thumbs down.

Not on my post. It would be okay if people disliked my post, I guess. But there were only thumbs up there. The thumbs down were at my profile.

I went to my profile to change the email address. It has my business email address from the store which, as you know, closed. The owners haven’t yet actually taken down the website, but presumably it will disappear soon, since no one is paying for it, so I figured I should change my email address, and the URL, too, to something that will still exist next week.

There it was, in black and white: three thumbs down. I went to look at the post to see what the thumbs-downers had said. “Go back to the knitting blogs where you belong!” maybe. Nope. Only thumbs up.

I’ve never posted anything else there. I scarcely ever comment (you know I’m not much of a commenter). All the comments that were showing, in fact, were my boring and repetitive “Thanks!” to all the nice comments at my post.

And yet I had three thumbs down. On the profile page, where it looks like personal distaste. How did I manage to inspire this distaste? I have no idea.

This will be good for my humility, which needs some work.