The end of the sewing marathon. There are several hems and things to do, but each of us ended up with two skirts and two tops, as well as a beginning on the rest of the plan.

Here is #2 daughter’s trumpet skirt, Simplicity 5194, in microfiber twill.

We ended up with a lot of microfibers. They feel great, and the lady at the fabric store said they wear very well.

If you look them up online, you find claims that they have a luxurious feel, great durability, and excellent hand.

So far, we would agree with that. although I do not yet know about the durability question. I am inclined to be suspicious of artificial fibers, even though the developers of microfibers want us to call them “supernatural” rather than lumping them in with the un-natural fibers. If our skirts begin summoning demons or having visions of the future or anything, I’ll let you know.

Here is a sweater-knit tank from McCall’s 5063. This was a really easy pattern, and very cute.

I have a long-sleeve top cut from this fabric also, and a burgundy knit in the same pattern, as well as a matching skirt. I think I got tired of taking pictures of clothes at that point.


Here is my blouse from Butterick 4467. I had to redo the darts and the sleeves. This pattern calls itself easy, but the set-in sleeves and bust darts seem to me to disqualify it from that. In fact, an easy pattern should not include zippers, set-in sleeves, buttons, gathers, pleats, facings…

I’m not saying the patterns shouldn’t include those things, just that they shouldn’t claim to be easy.

And if it is hard, it should be more exciting when you finish than this is. However, it is a great color, another of those microfibers, and will look very ladylike with my skirts. This is the fabric that “brings out the gray in your hair.”

Here’s my gray skirt, from the same pattern and fabric as #2 daughter’s, but I chose the A-line gored version rather than the trumpet. It is hanging around with the blue blouse, as both of them need hemming. We wanted to get #2 daughter’s gear finished so she could take it off to summer school with her on Thursday.

Now, it might be that you would like to do a sewing marathon yourself some day. If so, I have some advice for you.

First, have a sewing buddy. It is more fun to have someone to talk to while you do this, and you can shunt off on him or her the things you don’t like to do. In our case, #2 daughter is a dab hand at zippers, and I enjoy hemming.

Second, get your zippers and interfacing and such ahead of time, and make sure you have enough pins on hand. We had to make a couple of trips out for supplies. However, if you like shopping, this could be a nice break.

Third, have a good stack of movies to watch. Conversation can languish while you are rereading to yourself the part where it explains what to do with the blasted facing, or unpicking the casing that ended up being too narrow, or searching bootlessly through the debris for the directions to the particular pattern you are trying to work with, and it is nice to have some distraction in the background.

In our case, the boys had rented a video game before it occurred to us that we might want movies, so we had a steady background of “Biff! Pow!” and rather heroic music. We invited them to join us and sew themselves some clothes, but for some reason they preferred to play video games and hang out with their friends.

Fourth, get your meals arranged early in the day, before you really get started. This can be a meal in the crockpot, or stir-fry cut up and the sauce mixed and the rice in the rice machine. But you will not feel like stopping and cooking, so if you don’t make a plan you will end up calling out for pizza or noshing on nuts and berries. In both cases, you will have to wash your hands before returning to your sewing.

Fifth, stop and stretch out sometimes.

If you are finding all this about sewing dull, you may be pleased that the sewing marathon is over. However, we are expecting a fabric shipment today, so there may be more sewing in upcoming days.

Still, real life starts back up today. I go back to work today, we are opening the second store tomorrow, I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and a haircut scheduled for Thursday.  #2 daughter has a lunch date today and leaves on Thursday. Life is real, life is earnest.