It is our old friend Hopkins. Two months ago, with one sleeve left to go, I abandoned Hopkins for a T-shirt and a prayer shawl. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

For future reference, it was not a good idea. I have misplaced the last skein of the yarn and am just trusting that it will turn up. I have forgotten what size needles I was using, or possibly my gauge has changed slightly in this warmer and more relaxed time of year, and I cannot match my previous gauge — and since I sewed all the other pieces together, I cannot get accurate measurements to compare this sleeve with the completed one.

I am forging ahead nonetheless. I have frogged once already, but am now past the colorwork. Here is Hopkins at an earlier stage of life, draped over a toy sheep, to refresh your memory. Hopkins is being made in Wool-Ease, on #3 needles at the moment, but who knows. The pattern is Siv from Viking Patterns for Knitting, and the colorwork is a combination of several different charts from Alice Starmore’s The Celtic Collection.

The boys have two days of exams and then will be through with school. There is talk of a trip to War Eagle Mill for the vacationers in the group. I am heading back to work. My husband is already nearly late for work. You can  wear white shoes now, if you like. (Except, I suppose, those in the Southern Hemisphere. They must have some other rule.)