Tuesday May 4, 2010

So the print in my SWAP fabric collection contains several shades of blue, plus a golden brown. I also have solids in several shades of blue and beige, including some of the beige-to-gray tones here.

I certainly have enough fabric to make an entire SWAP, and it can be what the seamstresses call a stash-buster, the kind where you don’t have to go out and buy any more fabric at all.

Still, it is fun to look at fabrics, and I’m not sure that I can actually follow the rules with the stuff I have an hand.

So yesterday, in an almost unprecedented burst of workday fun, I stopped on the way back from class at the fabric store.

First, of course, they might have had enough more of the print that I could have made a skirt from it. I think the original Rules of the SWAP called for a two piece dress in the print, a three-piece suit in one of its two main colors, and a fourth bottom piece (pants or skirt) in the second main color.

Then you use the remaining colors from the print to make tops. 

They did not in fact have any more of the print. They did have many different fabrics in that nice golden brown — soft pinwale corduroy, rayon challis, cotton gauze — it was a feast of choice.

I think that I look terrible in that color, though.

They also had a couple of options in the electric blue, which just seemed too bright, and the indigo, which seemed boring. So I left without fabric, which may be just as well, since I may never actually sew these things.

Wrong attitude, though. I should be positive about it. I have soft blue linen, and I could make this jacket from it.

It’s a quick and easy jacket, with no buttonholes.

My friend CD is doing this properly, with a wardrobe pattern. I own this nice suit pattern. No blouse, but I have several good blouse patterns.

I could do the suit in indigo blue, or in the soft blue (without the bow — I can barely imagine wearing that almost pastel blue as a jacket, but certainly not with a bow.
I have a couple of yards each of linen in slate blue and electric blue, and I could use them to make the kind of simple tops that look good under jackets.

I also have some not-really-linen someone gave me in a golden brown, and I could make pants from that. Pants are far from your face, so it doesn’t matter if you look bad in that color or not, right?

I also have this less frivolous-looking suit.

Sewing a proper jacket may be beyond my skill level. I have actually sewn jackets before, but it has always been a great adventure.

I may or may not have time for a great adventure.

Also, I suspect that the trumpet skirt is out of style.

The advantage of using a wardrobe pattern (the kind with a jacket, top, pants,and skirt in the same envelope) is that you know the pieces will work together.

If you take a jacket from here and a skirt from there, you can discover after you finish that the shapes of the two pieces don’t work together.

However, I could use the same skirt, pants, and top patterns I’ve used before (another SWAP rules is to use TNT, or tried and true patterns) and just have the adventure of the jacket.

Well, it’s fun to think about it, and I may actually make something. Who knows?

I did figure out how to use the gallery feature at Freshplans, and I’m pretty excited about that.

I have a meeting this morning. Yesterday, I spent a lot of time in phone calls and phone meetings and IMs and even one physical meeting. I’m spending more and more time on admin stuff. I think this is widely thought of as a good thing in business, in that it means that other people are doing some profitable work, and you have more business coming in, and stuff like that. You hear, “Work on your business, not in your business.”

We’ll see. Right now I’m back to watching for the mail eagerly in hopes of a check arriving.