One of the new things that is happening now that I am a jobhunter is that I am telling people what I do.

I haven’t done that in a long time. People usually ask you what you do as part of a simple social interaction, and I have for many years just said, “I work at The Store.” At which point the other person says, “Of course! I love that place! You helped me find the perfect toy for my son!” and the moment has passed. If I end up managing to subsist as a freelance plyer of The Dark Art, I think I will say, “I’m a writer” or “I’m in marketing” or something like that. 5

As a jobhunter, though, you are telling people what you do not in order to find something to talk about, but in hopes that they will say, “Boy howdy! I have just been wishing for someone who can do that! Meet me in my office tomorrow, and we’ll discuss salary.”

Actually, no one has said that yet. They have all said, after a telling pause, “I never thought of you as a computer geek.”

I have always thought that the word “geek” was insulting, and something to do with biting heads off of chickens, so I don’t use it.

If I did use it, though, I would certainly have to agree that I am not one of those.

When Client #2 writes code, for example, his final step is to run it through the validator to make sure that there are absolutely no errors. When I write code, I use “transitional” and check to see if it works. If it doesn’t, I go back and find the bracket I failed to close.

If that meant nothing to you, just remember what the triangles in my pieced quilts look like. I am of the school that holds that having pointy triangles is optional, and having all the pieces meet is just showing off.

5Not only do I not fit the accuracy/obsessiveness profile of the computer geek, I also do not fit any aspects of the stereotype. I do not play computer games, watch sci-fi TV or movies with special interest, or have trouble relating to the opposite sex. The stereotype which best fits me is Someone’s Mom. Not the geek’s mom, either. I’m the one with the homemade cookies and Family Game Night.

So I was interested to see an article describing the characteristics to look for in an SEO worker. An analytical mindset. Mad research skilz. Writing ability. Excitement at the prospect of problem solving. Good communication skills. Ethics. Creativity.

See? I may not be a 25 year old boy with horn rims, but I am just exactly what you would expect in an SEO person.

Plus homemade cookies.

There are no cookies in these pictures. I am just showing last night’s dinner in order to taunt Chanthaboune.

Oh, and last night I had an email from a businessperson who is interested in having me blog for her store, just as soon as she finishes with her son’s graduation. I am adding her to my list of potential clients. And Fine Soprano had a long list of places she thought I should send resumes to for teaching jobs. She also has an out of state teaching certificate, and teaches at a local private school.

So before I move on to today’s scheduled Wallowing in Misery, I will send off my resume to all those folks and see what happens. Thus far, Nothing is what has happened in response to my job applications. I know, intellectually, that this is because they haven’t so much as made it to the desks of the search committees, but it is possible that I could use that fact to encourage a proper Wallow. Actually, I’m feeling pretty cheerful and I have work to do, so I may not get around to it.