“Make more, more, more.  Slippers for every room, for everybody!” This is what GromitKnits had to say about Fuzzy Feet. Sounds like good advice. I am going to watch the others at the Fuzzy Feet KAL for a while (there are 107) for good ideas before moving on to my next pair.

#1 son wants the elastic trick (from last week) done at the bottom ribbing of his jacket, and I must also maintain speed on bawk production, plus the hats, so the Fuzzy Feet will have to be shoehorned in. They are quick, though.
Hallowe’en was fun. My boys were out in the rainy night. I was snug at rehearsal. People were glad to see me — I got a lot of hugs. I found this slightly surprising. Not that I expect people to be sorry to see me, but I am not the rock star type, you know. Anyway, it was a good rehearsal. We are doing Ralph Vaughn Williams’s Dona Nobis Pacem, a wonderful and dramatic piece. The performance is on November 15th, and there are just two more rehearsals. I will have to work hard to be ready, but it is sounding good and I didn’t have much trouble keeping up.
We had a guest conductor from Cal Poly who had some interesting ways of working with details of the piece.
The text is from the scarier parts of the Bible — warhorses snorting and ignoring the lamentations of the mothers and people finding no peace and all that. Having just read Pratchett’s excellent novel about Armageddon and being in the midst of reading Pompeii (which is of course about the burial of Pompeii in lava), I found myself in just the right frame of mind to sing it. Tonight Partygirl and I will be studying about Noah’s ark and the flood and whatnot. And of course we continue to have news of modern natural disasters right and left. With judicious reading on my part for the next couple of weeks, I should be able to do justice to the piece.
The end is a lovely, lovely movement called “Reconciliation,” in which the gates of righteousness are opened and we walk in, singing “Dona Nobis Pacem.” And at that point it will be time to get ready for Thanksgiving. Sounds just about right.