Last night our director was having a gallbladder attack. That may not be the correct terminology, but he was sitting down and sweating, and he blamed his gallbladder.

He was courteous and correct, but you could tell how much of an effort it was. He accused the sopranos of acting like toddlers, told us altos that we sounded like a Buick on a cold morning, requested the basses not to shout but to attempt to sound as though they were singing, and asked the tenors to quit barking at him.

And, as I say, I could tell that he was struggling to be nice.

Before rehearsal I made chicken soup with lots of vegetables and whole-wheat muffins with granola stirred in.  Before that I met with The Computer Guy, who had ten new projects for me. He also showed me what progress he had made with our Freshplans project.

I was dismayed. He gave the task to his minion, it seems, who removed all the interesting layout, and indeed all the things I’d done. He had also rebuilt it in, which I don’t really know, rather than leaving it in html, which I do know.

“It’s not an improvement,” I told him, looking at solid blocks of lorem ipsum and the same ugly header it had when I sent it over.

I hope I clarified the assignment, and I hope the cost of the minion’s work will not be excessive. I was dismayed to learn that all the careful notes I had put in the code never even got looked at. I figured that was a good place to put it, but the minion seems just to have wiped the whole thing out.

“I wanted video in the place where there was video,” I said. “I just wanted the header and footer changed.”

Ah well.

I also have an interesting new article for the media company I’ve been doing a lot of work for. Apparently, part of the new health care reform package is a move to get rid of physician-owned hospitals. I don’t know what the controversy there is. We have one of those here in our state, and they’re consistently ranked #1 in our state and in the top 5% in the nation for all kinds of stuff. Hard to see why the fact that the doctors own it would be a bad thing, compared with the county owning it, or the VA, which is I believe how it is with the hospitals in our town.  There’s another in the town where the physician-owned one is which is owned by the university. As a potential hospital patient, I don’t care.

But I figure there must be wheels within wheels, and I plan to find out about it. I’m definitely looking forward to that. In fact, I have a fun day planned. Fun, I mean, in the sense that I get to work without interruption on lots of interesting projects.

Walk first, once it gets light.

If, by the way, you have any thoughts on the subject of doctor-owned hospitals, I’d love to hear them.