This morning there was a note on the computer table:


Proofread essay — conclusion ideas?
Optometrist appt.

Any time you can in between work sessions.



It was signed by #2 son. Yesterday when he got home (he and his dad arrive home at the same time, usually about an hour before I’m ready to quit working), he started in asking me to do these things and bringing up various questions, and I think I was not useful. I started with the absent though pleasant response, and then when he was more insistent I said things like, “What?” and made some slight efforts to pay attention, and then when he continued, I got cross.

Yesterday I went to the gym, did my blogs, went to meet with a new client, got back to find messages from several other clients (one signed the contract so I’ll be writing her website this week, one has gone viral so I’m trying to help her take advantge of it but she seems to be on a cruise still, stuff like that), quickly responded so I could get out to the web design class, and then came home to try to finish up my Dark Art Lite people before rehearsal.

As it happened, there was no rehearsal. I sat down with the menfolks and watched a movie. #2 son did not broach the subject of laundry and optometrists again, though.

I will try, today, to do the things on his list and to finish work about when they get home, but I honestly don’t see why they can’t just pretend that I’m in a Cone of Silence for a while in the afternoons.

The web design class was interesting. It was in the art department, but they’re going to code their designs, which I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t want to spoil the experience of asking a client questions, so I didn’t volunteer much, just answered what they asked. But I did mention a couple of things about usability and search. Their teacher had been reading a book on search engine optimization, and said there were people called “search engine optimists.” I think that’s a great name for practitioners of the Dark Art.

Now, getting to the class required walking up hundreds of stairs, first from the parking lot to the main level of the campus and then to the third floor of the art building. I had to stop and catch my breath. I also found that 30 minutes on the treadmill at 3.2 for speed and 3.5 for incline felt like a serious workout. I have clearly become a lot less fit as I’ve turned into a computer guy. I think it’s reversible, though.  Back to the gym this morning.