Rehearsal sounded pretty good last night. I have a secret code for discounted tickets, if you plan to be in town for the performance.

La Bella was telling a very humorous story about the black being worn in performance by one of us altos. It made me feel that perhaps I should actually buy some new performance gear, since I haven’t done so in… oh, a decade. It’s true that your average choir looks pretty shlumpy — the women, that is. The men generally look fairly sharp, having either sprung for dinner jackets at some point or gone and rented a tux. The women are often  a fairly motley crew.

Not La Bella. She always looks smashing. And I stand next to her.

Late last night — I had to work after rehearsal, because people have begun to check in with me and make sure that I am going to meet my deadlines, and I had said “I’ll do it tonight without fail” — I got another assignment, involving the idea of giving plastic surgery certificates as gifts to me.

A nice coupon in the stocking for gentleYag, which appears to be hair removal with lasers. Or a gift card for liposuction and Botox, both of which I’m told are popular with men.

I’d gone to lunch with Janalisa, who showed me a picture of a woman — it’s a long story. Anyway, she was showing me how young and cute this woman was.

“She’d not that young,” I had to say, “and she’d not as cute as you.”

Janalisa assured me that the woman was thirty-two.

I had spent the weekend with a really lovely young woman who was telling me how old she felt, since she’ll be twenty-seven in a few months, so I had to point out that thirty-two isn’t that young.

Janalisa went on to assure me that, while she cleans up good, if someone spent 24 hours with her, they’d see the horrors of what she really looks like. But I think that there’s a point at which charm has to take over. Or virtue. Or something. Even with Botox and gentleYag, time marches on.

Among the assignments I’m working on (and being nudged about) is a story on 15 influential men. Not one of these guys — speaking here for the ones whose pictures I’ve found online — is cute. Yet they’re influential. You can’t get that by injection, right?

Still, I do have to write about how terrific cosmetic surgery is as a gift, so if you have thoughts on that subject, I’d be delighted to hear them.