The virus got me. I am feeling a little better now. All my menfolks are driving up today to get #2 daughter at her college. They have maps, pizza, and my car. My husband is smoking in my car. I am trying to balance my gratitude to him for doing the driving against my disgust at his smoking in my car, with our kids in it.

I have been tagged. I am supposed to come up with five weird things that I do. Being entirely non-weird, I am finding this difficult.

1. I hold off on wearing a coat as late into the winter as possible, as though mere denial could keep winter from taking place.

2. I read a lot. If it is possible to read under some set of cirucumstances, I will.

3. I talk to my car sometimes, and also to my computer. I even sometimes talk to people in movies, giving them advice which for some reason they ignore.

4. I like quiet. Much as I love music, I almost never play “background music.”

5. I go in and look at my children when they are sleeping. Even now, when they are all bigger than me.

I went to work yesterday, and attempted to help people in spite of my zombie-like condition.

I came home early and finished up the latest bawk. Here it is.

Is your Thanksgiving turkey thawing?

Have you done your shopping? made your pie crusts? ironed your table linens? I have done almost nothing, since I have been laid low by a virus. fortunately, all my Thanksgiving guests are family. If they complain, I can hand them an implement and say, “Go to it!”

I think I was supposed to tag someone but it seems that everyone I know has already been tagged, and I am still not feeling well enough to think. If you have been wanting to do this meme and have not been tagged, please consider yourself tagged.