The holiday is beginning. My husband has the day off.

When my husband has days off, it often means that he doesn’t get paid. His company likes to center layoffs around holidays, which I guess is relatively kind. That is, if you’re going to be laid off temporarily, then it’s nice to be able to think of it as a long holiday.

#2 son will be coming home this evening. #1 son will, I think, have classes today but then he’s off.

He is working on a paper about Othello. He’s been sitting by the fire reading Shakespeare, occasionally looking up to discuss some literary point. It’s picturesque as all getout.

#2 daughter is coming down after work tomorrow.

#1 daughter is still up in the air. She may come tomorrow. She may bring a fellow with her. She may bring dogs. We’ll see.

I also received a Thanksgiving food basket from a client whose website I wrote in the spring. It was in an enormous cardboard box. It contained cheese and crackers and cookies and candy and tea and stuff like that. It was very sweet of the client, and a complete surprise.

So I’m feeling fairly festive.

I have lots of papers to grade, including my peer feedback on a colleague’s portfolio, and a half dozen articles to write, and ongoing clients, and the Artsedge stuff to do. All should be fun. I plan to put beef stew into the crockpot and hope that the menfolks will do everything else that needs to be done around the house.

My local grocery had “stew packs” for sale this week: two big potatoes, a bag of carrots, and an onion, shrink wrapped for your convenience. They also have stew beef, all cut up already. And I bought a carton of stock, all made already. Last week, I got a bag of bread mix at the mill, so I’ll throw that into my bread machine. Dinner will be ready when we are.